Q1: Are the supplements you sell FDA certified?

A: Because supplements aren’t considered drugs, they aren’t put through the same strict safety and effectiveness requirements that drugs are. So all the drugs you can buy, even without a prescription, must be proven safe and effective – but dietary supplements do not. Nevertheless, our supplements are screened through rigorous testing in our GMP and FDA certified facilities in the USA. That is why we have added the 'GMP' and 'FDA' stamps on our label.

Q2: Why is this called resveratrol when polygonum cupadatim is Japanese Knotweed? What’s the difference? Why are there grapes on the label?

A: Japanese knotweed is an excellent source of resveratrol, the age-defying, life enhancing chemical compound found in grape skin-except Japanese knotweed contains high concentrations of trans-resveratrol, the active form of the compound most useful to the body. Side effects are rare with low potential for toxicity. This form of Resveratrol has been used in traditional forms of Asian medicine for thousands of years and offers a high level of safety. Japanese knotweed is quickly becoming the preferred source of resveratrol. Unlike grapes, Japanese knotweed can be grown year round, allowing our manufacturers to have a consistent source of resveratrol to keep our stock available to all of our customers.. We use an optimal and synergistic blend of grapes and Japanese Knotweed for our Resveratro

Garcinia Q&A:


Q3: What is Garcinia Cambogia and where does it come from?

A: Garcinia cambogia is a small, pumpkin-shaped fruit native to Indonesia, and commonly harvested in India, Southeast Asia, and West and Central Africa.

Q4: What is HCA?

A: HCA is a fruit rind extract that has been studied for its potential to decrease body fat and curb appetite. It is the active ingredient in our formula.

Q5: Why isn't chromium or calcium added to your Garcinia formula?

A: We did not include these two ingredients because they render the most important ingredient Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) in Garcinia Cambogia utterly useless. Calcium and chromium block your body's ability to fully absorb the HCA.

Q6: Why is this dosage offered?

A: The appropriate dose of garcinia depends on several factors such as the user's age, health, and several other conditions. That being said, we at Supreme Potential always opt for the optimal dosage and as such we chose the recommended dosage of 1500mg per serving so that you can rest assured that you are receiving optimal benefits without forgoing your health.

Q7: What makes this formula different from the top competitors?

A: This formula by Supreme Potential is a patented proprietary blend of PURE garcinia cambogia allowing for optimal absorption and maximum results.

Q8: What kind of results can I expect from taking Garcinia?

A: Garcinia contains the chemical hydroxycitric acid (HCA). Developing research suggests that HCA might prevent fat storage, control appetite, and increase exercise endurance. Any if not all of these results may be what occur for you, but please note that each individual each is different so results will vary accordingly.

Prenatal Q & A:


Q4: Why should I take prenatal supplements? Wouldn’t proper diet be just enough?

A: While proper diet would normally be enough for you and your developing baby, the prenatal is for you, the mommy to be, to replenish the vitamins and nutrients you are giving to the baby. It is recommended by doctors that you take prenatal to aid you during your pregnancy and after birth.

Q5: What are the key ingredients that I should look for in a prenatal supplement?

A: The key ingredients found in prenatal vitamins are folic acid and iron which are essential to warding off spina bifida and autism as deficiencies in both are linked to these ailments.

Q6: While searching online, I came across some prenatal vitamins being offered in flavored, gummy form. Is this the same as a traditional capsule form that you are offering?

A: While gummies are easier to digest, they are not nearly as potent as regular prenatal capsules; this is because they lack iron and the recommended dosages of iron as well as the other main ingredients you would find in a traditional multivitamin. Also note, that even though it is easier to consume, on top of the low potency, most of the gummy will end up stuck in your teeth and not in your bloodstream.

Q7: Can I still take prenatal even after birth? Is there a postnatal supplement being offered?

A: Of course! It is advised to take prenatal vitamins for as long as you are breastfeeding. Prenatal vitamins are for you to replenish the nutrients and vitamins that have been absorbed by the baby. If you don’t want to continue using prenatal vitamins, or ran out you are advised to continue taking folic acid and iron supplements as well as omega 3s which can be found in our fish oil supplements.

Q8: What is the difference between a women’s daily multivitamin and this prenatal supplement?

A: Multi vitamins generally have enough nutrients for just an adult woman, but not enough for a baby as well. Doctors recommend 600-800mg of Folic Acid, and 1000-1300mg of Calcium and most multivitamins have about half that.

MilkThistle Q & A:


Q9: What exactly does Milk Thistle do?

A: Milk Thistle aids in liver support, cleansing the liver--particularly from auto exhaust, secondary cigarette smoke, alcohol, drugs, industrial solvents, pesticides, and even some of the water and food we consume are a constant burden on the organs that cleanse and detoxify our bodies.

Q10: Why do you offer this specific dosage? Is there is an optimal dosage?

A: Milk thistle seeds contain a bioflavonoid complex known as silymarin. Silymarin, which is the active ingredient in milk thistle, is simply the purified extract of the fruits (seeds) of the milk thistle plant. It is responsible for the main medical benefits of the milk thistle plant, and it is made up of three main flavonoids. Silybin is the most prominent lavonoid making up 50-70% of it and has been shown in clinical studies to be the most biologically active and beneficial constituent of the milk thistle extract, silymarin.

Q11: Where does Milk Thistle come from and where is this supplement derived?

A: Milk thistle has been used for over 2,000 years as a natural treatment for liver disorders. The plant is known in scientific circles as the Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertner (syn. Cardous marianus), but it is more commonly known as “milk thistle,” “St. Mary Thistle,” “Holy Thistle” and “Lady’s Thistle.” It is an herbaceous annual or biennial plant belonging to the Asteraceae family that can grow to be ten feet tall with flowers that are red and purple in color. Milk thistle gets its name from the milky white fluid that comes from the plant’s leaves when they are crushed. It is native to southern Europe, southern Russia, Asia Minor, and North Africa, and has also been naturalized to North and South America. Supreme Potential’s Milk Thistle Supplements are US grown, derived and packaged.

Q12: What is the difference between this supplement and what is being offered by other competitors?

A: We offer a larger size boasting more capsules at a competitive high concentration giving you the best possible deal.

Q13: What kind of results can I expect from taking this? Are there any other supplements to take with milk thistle that provide a synergistic effect and boost liver detoxifying properties?

A: The main result you should expect is to feel healthier, stronger and more energetic because of its cleansing and detoxifying properties. Please keep in mind that results vary from person to person and the results may not be as intensified as others depending on your diet and daily routine. Currently, we offer a probiotic supplement which will increase the detoxifying process.

Probiotics Q & A:


Q14: What are probiotics?

A: Probiotics literally mean "for life" or "promoting life". These little guys enter your body as an army, 10-50 Billion Strong, of good bacteria to Optimize Digestion, Safeguard Against Infection, Improve Nutritional Absorption, Strengthen Your Immune System and so much more.

Q15: What are the major properties of your probiotic supplement? What’s the difference between this and eating activia yogurt?

A: The major ingredient found in our product are our proprietary blend of the following bacteria: Lactobacillus acidophilus, -plantarum, -rhamnosus, -casei, -paracasei, -salivarius, -bulgaricus, -brevis, -bifidum and -longum; this blend contains 10 to 50 billion live cultures of these strains. the major difference between Activia yogurt and our product is that Activia is that along with the copious amounts of artificial ingredients and fillers, the yogurt only carries THREE strains: Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilius and Bifidobacterium. Not only is our product far purer and cost effective, but it is also weight friendly and has no harmful side effects.

Q16: What are the key ingredients and what do they do?

A: Our proprietary blend of Lactobacillus acidophilus, -plantarum, -rhamnosus, -casei, -paracasei, -salivarius, -bulgaricus, -brevis, -bifidum and -longum all contribute to overall digestive regularity. If you suffer from irregularity, probiotics are vital to restoring colon health.

Q17: What is the difference between this product and what other competitors are selling?

A: The main difference between our product and other competitors are dosage, purity, variation of bacterial strains as well as concentration. We proudly boast a heavily concentrated 1000 mg daily dosage of 10 to 50 billion live cultures of TEN bacterial strains. In fact, you’ll see 20X THE RESULTS. With our Supreme Proprietary Blendtechnology, our living organisms reach deep into your intestinal tract where they are needed most. Our formula will even reach your large intestine. If you aren't satisfied with your current probiotic supplement, you’ll definitely be pleased with ours.

Q19: What is the optimal dosage for probiotic intake?

A: The optimal dosage is our advertised dosage: 1000 mg which can be achieved by consuming two of our easily digestible veggie capsules.

Q20: What results can I hope to expect while taking these?

A: Studies show that probiotics have also been shown to lower cholesterol, aid the liver in decreasing reabsorption in the gut, reduce diarrhea and promote detoxification.

Green Coffee Q & A:


Q21: What are green coffee beans and where does it come from? What is the difference between green coffee beans and regular coffee beans?

A: Green coffee beans are actually pre roasted coffee beans--they are green prior to roasting. Green coffee beans are rich in chlorogenic acid which is found to be a fat burning ingredient. When you roast coffee beans, however, you burn away the chlorogenic acid, rendering its fat burning properties useless. Some human studies suggest that it can reduce the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tract, which lowers blood sugar and insulin spikes.

Q22: Is this a caffeinated supplement? In other words, is this a caffeine replacement and/or stimulant?

A: Our Green Coffee Bean Extract does in fact contain caffeine but not as much as roasted coffee. That being said, it is believed that the combination of the caffeine and chlorogenic acid found in green coffee extract that enable consumers to notice suppressed appetites and an increase in energy.

Q23: Why do you offer this dosage? Is there an optimal dosage?

A: Since our product boasts 50% chlorogenic acid supplement, the recommended daily dosage is 240-600 mg for a 50% chlorogenic acid supplement, however, we exceeded this by 200 mg so that as a consumer, you can truly see the results sooner rather than later.

Q24: What is the difference between this supplement and the one that Dr. Oz promotes?

A: There is no difference in the key ingredient, but rather the purity and consequently the strength of our Green Coffee Bean Extract, which is 800mg of 50% Chlorogenic Acid. Also, there is ONLY Green Bean Coffee Extract--no fillers, no frills--just pure active ingredient.

Q25: What results can I hope to see from taking this? Are there any other supplements to take to amplify the effects?

A: One of the things you should see within a few days or so of taking our product is a decrease in appetite and soon after noticeable weight loss. Please keep in mind that everyone experiences different results in both timing and magnitude.

Forskolin Q & A:


Q26: What is Forskolin and where is it found?

A: Coleus forskohlii is an herb grown in Nepal, Thailand and India. A member of the mint family, it has traditionally been used in Asian medicine for skin, lung and heart conditions. Forskolin is a substance of Coleus forskohlii that has been considered the most useful part of the herb, although the whole plant may prove to be effective for treating many conditions.

Q27: What key ingredients are in this product?

A: We proudly boast 100% Coleous Forskohlii extract--the active ingredient found in the most effective forskolin supplements.

Q28: Why do you offer this dosage?

A: One company reports that they offer, "Natural Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract with the maximum possible dosage of 250mg per capsule" But with Supreme Potential, we pushed the limits by molecularly engineering 450mg into each single capsule.

Q29: What results can I expect?

A: Please keep in mind that results vary for every person so you may or may not see all of the following: noticeable weight loss; increased metabolism; suppression of appetite; lower blood pressure; enhanced thyroid function and leaner body mass.

Q30: What makes your product different from other competitors?

A: We are the only brand that can offer it's customers a whopping 450mg of 100% Pure Forskolin. We use a proprietary and technologically advanced extraction process, to ensure that every milligram in every capsule is 'active'. In turn, this is the highest quality and purest grade Forskolin made in the USA on the market & is made under the highest quality FDA regulated laboratory conditions following strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and each and every batch is meticulously analyzed to guarantee the highest quality of 100% pure Forskolin extract.

Fish Oil Q & A:


Q31: Why is omega-3 so important?

A: Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids. They are necessary for human health, but the body can't make them--it must be found in food. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish, such as salmon, tuna, and halibut, other seafood including algae and krill, some plants, and nut oils.

Q32: What’s the optimal dosage for omega-3?

A: We proudly boast premium 3200mg Fish Oil with a scientifically formulated stunning 990 EPA/ 645 DHA for optimal heart, joint, immune and skin health!

Q33: What makes this product different from other competitors?

A: We offer an extremely high dosed and pure supplement. In addition, the Fish Oil Supplement we offer are 100% Pure and Toxin Free. From the cool Alaskan waters to the fish rich Norwegian coast we search the globe to find the purest fish available for our supplements. We then use the latest scientific methods and instruments to Molecularly Distill our fish oil which removes any excess toxins.

Q34: What results can I hope to see?

A: Not only does omega 3 pose strong anti-inflammatory properties, it also protects against heart disease, it is vital for brain health and development and has shown beneficial in conditions such as diabetes, obesity, depression, arthritis, ADHD and skin disorders. Please keep in mind that results vary for every person so you may or may not see all of the aforementioned benefits.

Q35: Is this burpless? Does it have a fishy aftertaste?

A: Yes! Using the process of molecular distillation we filter out Mercury and all other heavy metals and then purify our fish oil to highest recommended potency. After the fish oil is encapsulated it goes through our natural enteric coating process to provide a burp and taste free fish oil solution that has a chance enter the intestines before being broken down and absorbed to its full potential.

Q36: Isn’t eating fatty fish such as salmon enough omega-3 intake and better absorption?

A: While you can obtain Omega-3 via seafood and other foods, not everyone is able to find foods rich in this vital nutrient or just don’t eat any of the nutrient rich foods. The recommended ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 is 1:3 and most people are unable to meet that criterion. Fish oil supplements are an easy way to increase omega 3 in the diet if dietary sources are insufficient. Omega 3 fish oil in high doses also has incredible anti-inflammatory effects, reducing pain in swollen joints or in areas of increased inflammation.

Turmeric Q&A:


Q37: What’s the difference between cooking turmeric and this product?

A: Normal turmeric only contains 2-6% curcumin. Yet studies show most of the health benefits come from the curcumin found inside. Beware of 'turmeric curcumin' formulas that simply contain a high dose of regular turmeric that only contain 2-6% curcumin. Our Turmeric Complex is standardized to 95% curcuminoids, which means you're getting a highly potent dose of concentrated Turmeric Curcumin.

Q38: What is the difference between this product and what other competitors are selling?

A: We offer 900mg of Pure Turmeric Curcumin with 5mg of Black Pepper Extract for superior bioavailability.

Q39: What benefits can I expect from this product?

A: Turmeric is shown to improve digestive health. Turmeric is the perfect supplement to stimulate the production of bile in the liver, thus cleansing the body and improving the ability to digest fats and excrete toxins and aids with inflammation against joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis. Its antioxidant qualities improve the health of cell membranes, which makes cells more resistant to infection and malignancies, as well as more common issues like digestive or skin problems. Please keep in mind that results vary for every person so you may or may not see all of the aforementioned benefits.