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  • ★ 1 INGREDIENT FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS WITH NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS! -The truth is that not all Milk Thistle Seed Extract supplements are created equally...Ours is the most effective and doesn't come with any added fillers that give you unwanted side effects. Be wary of Milk Thistle Seed Extracts that have more than 1 ingredient. This is the BEST Milk Thistle Seed Extract you'll find anywhere.
  • ★ REDUCES THE INFLAMMATION IN THE LIVER AND WORKS TO REGENERATE THE CELLS- A German study found that after taking a standardized extract of milk thistle capsules daily for eight weeks, 63 percent said that their symptoms had disappeared.
  • ★ PROTECT YOUR SYSTEM FROM POISONOUS MATERIAL CIRCULATING IN YOUR BLOOD- The active ingredient silymarin stimulates the flow of bile, essential for digestion to work properly. It improves the production of glutathione, which is one of the chemicals utilized by the liver to assist detoxification, and stimulates the creation of new liver cells.
  • ★ ANTI-AGING PROPERTIES!-milk thistle is a demulcent herb, which means that it nourishes and moistens the skin. Moreover, as a liver herb, milk thistle benefits the health of the skin through the process of detoxification, helping to clear up skin impurities like acne, eczema as well as psoriasis.

When we created our Milk Thistle extract, we set out to create a product that was not only at its maximum effective strength, but also in a bio-available form for the body. Our goal was to ensure a superior delivery method. While many herbal supplement products are mainly composed of chopped up or finely ground plant matter -- leaves, seeds, stems, etc. These are not easily absorbed by the body, and as a result, we get less benefit from them when taken as a supplement. What's even worse is sometimes this plant matter is not just shoveled into capsules, its actually pressed into solid tablets along with chemical fillers, binders, and glazes.

The active principles in milk thistle normally constitute a small percentage of the total plant, so it is necessary to concentrate the extract extensively to provide benefits. Our Milk Thistle is specifically formulated and 4X concentrated for maximum bioavailability. We take 1000mg of Milk Thistle, and use a proprietary extraction method to concentrate it to 4:1. The result is the most potent and effective Milk Thistle available anywhere. Our easy to swallow vegan capsules are filled with this premium Milk Thistle. So the active ingredients are easily absorbed by the body, even by people with impaired digestion.


250 mg of pure Milk Thistle extract sourced from real plant materials, Silybum Marianum seeds contain supreme detoxifiers to improve liver and gut health. 4X times concentrated and safe, 100 vegan capsules serves 1,000mg of milk thistle per servings. All the products are 100% natural - no fillers, no binders, preservatives and no synthetic ingredients. Manufactured, developed and formulated in USA under FDA and in GMP certified facility.

“Provide our customers with outstanding nutritional supplements, to support and empower their optimal health and wellness so they can realize their true potential." 

1500mg of Pure Resveratrol sourced from the purest, ultra premium, polyphenol-rich Resveratrol from berries and grape skin manufactured in the USA in a GMP certified facility, and completely free from artificial ingredients, binders, and fillers, for a pure, non-nauseating Resveratrol supplement.

“Provide our customers with outstanding nutritional supplements, to support and empower their optimal health and wellness so they can realize their true potential."